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Montmorency Junior Football Club

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Forfatter: Third Man Apps Pty Ltd

The Montmorency Junior Football Club is one of the largest and well known junior football clubs in the Northern Football League.

The clubs mission statement is to make a concerted and realistic effort to give as many players as possible the opportunity to represent the Montmorency Junior Football Club, placing a premium on player participation and enjoyment.

The club field teams in all age groups from under 9s to under 17s consisting of both male and female teams.

With the continued growth of the club and its desire to achieve success both on the field and off the field, the club were actively looking at ways to help them achieve these goals.

After a lengthy process the club decided that the best way forward was for them to release their very own club branded native mobile phone app for the iPhone!

The app is a fantastic direction for the club to take and really sets themselves up to take advantage of mobile phone app technology.

The information available to you the user as a result of downloading this app is as follows:

- Latest News
- Results
- Ladders
- Fixtures
- Team news
- Sponsors
- Grounds
- Memberships
- Images
- Videos
- Training
- Facebook
- Twitter
- Merchandise
- Events and much much more

Long gone are the days of struggling to stay in touch with the club for players, supporters, members, sponsors and anyone else who has in interest in the junior football club.

Do not hesitate and download the app now!

Go Monty!

Its update time again folks and boy oh boy do we have a few updates for you!

Are you strapped in because these ones are long, strong and downright mind boggling!

Here we go!

1) First of all we removed an image from the navigation bar at the top and used colour instead. In simple terms, the app will look a whole lot nicer than before. Comprendo?

2) We then decided to remove an image from the tab at the bottom and used colour. What does this mean? Basically the app is easier on the your eyes!

3) We also have included a new in app map which draws the route and also introduced a fancy new button to change the view of the map.

4) Once we were at it, we decided to introduce a new interface in the app for the back button without using any image.

5) We also thought it would be a good time to change the user interface on the login page to make it a bit more snazzy and enjoyable to use.

6) We also added a new setting user interface for the functionality of editing information about the user and their logn.

7) In addition to the above we also added in an alert on calling function that confirms the users actions

8) Whilst we were doing the above we added an activity indicator for zooming the images on the news tab

9) We also lined things up a bit better by centrally aligning the contents on the results page.

10) We jazzed up the Contact Us page and it will only be shown when the data is available.

11) We also took our sponsors logo screen to the next level by ensuring the background loads first and it now avoids a white screen until the club logo and sponsor logos are loaded.

We told you it would be a mouthful and rather long winded but we have no doubt you will love our new features and updates!

Enjoy your new and improved app!